Fireworks for SOA Suite 11!

Oracle SOA Suite 11 is a major step for Oracle being a major platform to base a SOA on. I remember first talks on one integrated look and feel and deployment at Oracle HQ some three years ago.

There is an attribute of SOA Suite 11g I really like which is easily overlooked among the overwhelming wealth of new features: Although SCA adds yet another technology to the acronym zoo in modern middleware, it rather not increases complexity, but decreases it. Through SCA as a bundling technology it becomes easier to understand an assembly of the constituents of a composite such as a BPEL process, a human interaction, some rules and routing logic. In earlier versions those have been scattered over JDeveloper and we had to figure out through clicking around how they fit together. Now these puzzle pieces of a composite are graphically grouped in one view, so it becomes way easier to grasp what is actually going on and get started. This reduction of complexity continues during deployment and administration, you always look at one bundle, a SCA composite. This reduction of complexity promises to help adoption of SOA based on Oracle Fusion Middleware.


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