Our Magazine on SOA is out (links with German content)

One week ago our SOA Magazin “SOA Spezial: Ready For Change” has been published. This is a compendium of a series of SOA articles that our little cross company group – Clemens Utschig, Torsten Winterberg, Berthold Maier, Bernd Trops and myself have written over the last year. These articles have been published in the German JavaMagazin every month. They deal with topics such as SOA Project Categories, Loose Coupling, some more technical such as Transactions and some more business oriented such as Change Management towards SOA (from our “guest author” Natsuko Hara). All articles have now been gathered into one nice magazine that you can buy at Newspaper shops throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland:

SOA Spezial

SOA Spezial








This link contains a (German) interview with us authors:


and here is what Torsten writes about the mag:

Torstens blog entry on the mag

Now, whenever I am at a train station or airport, I look for our nice mag and position it in front of all others 😉 (Just kidding)

We will bring some to Oracle Open World, where you can have a look.


One response to “Our Magazine on SOA is out (links with German content)

  1. Excellent magazine – get your copy and start your SOA project!

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