Oracle to show SOA middleware on a prepackaged machine at OOW 2010

When I was at SUN HQ three years ago, one of the most thought-provoking discussion was on middleware in hardware.

At OOW 2008 Oracle Exadata 1 – the database on a preconfigured optimized server – emerged from the ground behind Larry on his key-note speech with lightning and thunder. At OOW 2009 I was looking at Oracle Exadata 2, yet, the sensation I wished for was SOA Suite on such a machine (a bit selfish, I admit ;-)!

Well, it seems at OOW 2010 Larry will present this:

From the-larry-ellison-interview-can-that-guy-in-ironman-2-whip-ibm-in-real-life:

“He plans to unveil at least two new appliances in September, when the company holds its annual Oracle World customer conference in San Francisco, a gathering that had some 40,000 attendees last year, making it the world’s biggest tech users conference.

The machine that will likely get the most attention is one that will run Oracle’s yet-to-be-released next-generation suite of business management programs, dubbed Fusion Apps, which will compete with SAP’s existing software line.

That appliance will include servers, networking equipment and storage gear along with a database, middleware and the Fusion Apps programs. Oracle has spent five years and billions of dollars developing the software, which helps businesses manage accounting, human resources, sales and marketing as well as more specialized tasks for companies in industries including financial services, telecommunications, healthcare and retailing.

Ellison says he will also show off an appliance that runs Oracle’s so-called middleware — the plumbing of a data center’s software network, performing tasks such as helping various computer systems communicate with each other.”

The benefit could be preconfigured middleware and DB, leading to dramatic performance boosts, a very welcome feature for ever larger middleware solutions. This new appliance will strengthen momentum towards holistic, enterprise level BPM / integration architectures built on the Oracle platform. I am curious how this story evolves…


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