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3rd International SOA Symposium makes Berlin 2010’s capital of SOA

The SOA Symposium is the world’s largest SOA event, organized by bestselling book author Thomas Erl. In recent years, the event took place in Netherlands. This year Berlin is hosting the “3rd SOA Symposium and 2nd Cloud Symposium” on October 5 and 6 2010.

A look back at last year’s SOA Symposium
I attended the event last year as a speaker and was impressed by the depth and practical relevance of the presentations by Dirk Krafzig, Nicolai Josuttis, Joe McKendrick and others. Not too often the leading SOA thought leaders gather at one place so they seized the opportunity and created the SOA Manifesto.
As well Thomas Erl, Anne Thomas Manes and the audience exorcised the over-hyped “Evil SOA” of false marketing promises as a further development of Anne’s famous blog entry “SOA is dead”. After the dramatic departure of Evil SOA, they embraced the “Good SOA”, which emphasizes the importance of thorough architectural efforts and governance.

I am curious about the events Thomas plans for this year.

For me personally, it was a very succesful event: Torsten Winterberg, Clemens Utschig and myself presented on “Next Generation SOA” in a packed hall. As well I got introduced to a representative of a customer of HP, which led to a great opportunity to work in Amsterdam this spring.

Highlights of this year’s tracks
As a member of the SOA Symposium Group I am familiar with this year’s program and track structure – and I have to say that it looks very promising! I am happy that “BPM and SOA” is a very strong track investigating enterprise modeling aspects. The track “BPM, BPMN and Service-Orientation” will be the first track on a conference that will discuss project experience with the breakthrough version of the process modeling language BPMN 2.0 – which allows for directly executable process models.

BPMN 2.0 and current cloud solutions are examples of how SOA and BPM leave the agitated top of the hype curve and move to proven approaches that are applied in enterprise level efforts I start to see at large companies. Discussions change from trying to grasp hot topics such as ESB and SCA to sharing real life solutions to concrete project problems: More and more people are actually exposed to SOA challenges and need design guidelines and best practices. The track on SOA Patterns & Practices reflects this and has a great potential to deepen shared understanding of solutions since presenters are forced to talk in a well structured way about proven designs.

As well we made sure that the conference is not only relevant for technical people, SOA/BPM developers and architects. For C-Level executives and other business stakeholders who want to learn about and discuss latest and freshest trends there are specific tracks such as “Business of SOA”.

Here is the list of all tracks:

  • SOA Architecture & Design
  • SOA Governance
  • Business of SOA
  • BPM, BPMN and Service-Orientation
  • Modeling from Services to the Enterprise
  • Real World SOA Case Studies
  • Real World Cloud Computing Case Studies
  • Cloud Computing Architecture, Standards & Technologies
  • REST and Service-Orientation in Practice
  • SOA Patterns & Practices
  • Modern ESB and Middleware
  • Semantic Web
  • SOA & BPM
  • Business of Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Computing Governance, Policies & Security

Descriptions of the tracks at the call for papers section.

Looking forward meeting you in October!